h e r e   i   c a m e   t o   t h e   v e r y   e d g e 

m u s e u m  o f  b r i s b a n e  . m a r c h   1 3  -   a p r i l   29 -  2020    

Here I Came to the Very Edge, a series of 3D portrait paper sculptures, is an introduction to the outcome of Greer's research for her 2017 Q ANZAC 100 Fellowship at the State Library of Queensland.


Using Jungian theory as a departure point, Greer searched for reference to archetypal imagery in the letters, diaries and photographs of Queensland Soldiers during the First World War. Each work depicts a portrait and the interior world of a different Queensland soldier or service person.  The layers of the subconscious are depicted through multiple layer of paper-cuts, which are then backlit with a light source - whereby the work changes when in darkness. The work is an exploration of the power of imagery. 

Learn more about the research in Greer's work in progress talk at the State Library of Queensland 

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"Museum of Brisbane commissioned New Zealand-born, Brisbane-based artist Greer Townshend to produce a series of works for an exhibition entitled Here I Came to the Very Edge and present an artist talk as part of its planned ANZAC Day commemorations this year

'Greer’s work offers an incredible contemporary perspective of the war and it’s based in thorough research, so it’s pretty much exactly what we like to present,' Museum of Brisbane Director Renee Grace said.


Greer was a recipient of a State Library of Queensland Q ANZAC 100 Fellowship in 2017-18 for Treasure: A Soldier’s Story, a project that involved researching letters, diaries, photographs and possessions of Queensland soldiers during World War I, which then informed large-scale drawings reflecting the Diggers’ experiences."

- InQueensland MAGAZINE, APRIL 2020