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The Importance of Remembering

How artists respond to and commemorate history -

Very much looking forward to attending this discussion next week at the NGV. The themes that will be discussed form part of where my next body of work is headed, so it will be wonderful to hear more:

Brook Andrew uses art to present alternative choices for interpreting the world by intervening, expanding and re-framing history and memory from archives. In a conversation with Namila Benson, Barbara Glowczewski and Professor Marcia Langton AM discover the different ways artists around the world respond to history to create new memories and commemorate histories.

Barbara Glowczewski, holds a professorial research tenure at the French National Scientific Research Center and has published many books and papers advocating Indigenous creativity and cosmopolitics.

Professor Marcia Langton AM is an anthropologist and geographer, and since 2000 has held the Foundation Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies at The University of Melbourne. She has produced a large body of knowledge in the areas of political and legal anthropology, Indigenous agreements and engagement with the minerals industry, and Indigenous culture and art.


Prof Marcia Langton, AM, Foundation Chair of Australian Indigenous Studies, The University of Melbourne

Prof Barbara Glowczewski,, French National Scientific Research Center


Namila Benson, broadcaster and media trainer

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